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Digital Cardiograph diary pro


Digital Cardiograph diary pro.Digital cardiograph diary pro is an application which is used to store some one's daily blood pressure and heart rate readings for as much time as he want. The data is stored in a Data Base built in this application. Digital Cardiograph is a medical application specially developed for blood pressure and heart patients. If your doctor has advice you to note your cardic readings on daily basis then this would the best application for you.This is a very clean, smooth and user friendly application so any one can use this app easily.Their are two ways to show readings: List View(in list style) and Graph View(in graph style).This app is also very suitable for those who don't know any thing about normal blood pressure or heart rate, because you can first learn about normal blood pressure and heart rate through clicking on information button.How to use:Enter your systolic blood pressure.Enter your diastolic blood pressure.Change your date and time.(If Necessary).Press (add entry) button to save your reading.